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Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative Affairs Branch Office


Branch Office of Administrative Affairs


Descriptions of Duties Assigned


  • To prepare documents with administrative and informative content for the department. 
  • To prepares documents in the name of the Department.
  • To prepare meeting and training schedules, to ensure coordination and organization of the abovementioned.
  • To prepare regular activity reports. 
  • To ensure communication and coordination in self-monitoring mechanisms.
  • To participate in quality management activities, to maintain quality management activities in a sustainable manner.
  • To perform corresponce activities regarding employee rights.
  • To update web site and egetel platform.
  • To conduct official seal.
  • To prepare contracts for waste vegetable oil and to conduct related paperwork
  • To perform paperwork for seizure
  • To prepare strategic plan for the department
  • To coordinate occupational health and safety activities. 
  • To perform correspondence over Presidency of Republic of Turkey Communication Center Plaform  (Cimer)
  • To reply e-mails sent through Turquoise Desk Communication Platform
  • Salary calculation work for cleaning staff
  • Salary calculation for technical staff
  • Salary calculation for security staff
  • Employment contracts
  • Individual pension scheme
  • Unit for occupational diseases and accidents
  • Enforcement procedures
  • Employment and dismissal registration on Social Security Platform