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Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Current Expenditures Branch Office


Branch of Current Expenditures

Descriptions of Duties Assigned

  • To perform purchasing, check- out, documentation and payment activities for Office of Chief of Staff, 2 Departments, Office of Legal Counsellor, Department of Civil Defense, 1 Faculty, 3 Graduate Schools, 9 vocational Schools, Research Centers and Departments which have been assigned with a budget pursuant to Budget Act within scope of Law with number 5018
  • To regulate workload within the unit.
  • To perform duties regulated by Public Tender Act with number 4734,  Public Procurement Contracts Act with nuber 4735, Public Finance Management Act with number 5018, and related regulations completely and  in time, to train its staff and control their attitudes.  
  • To perform accrual activities for  monthly invoices
  • To allocate credits or advance payment from the budget and to complete related work.
  • To prepare progress payment report and related documents for service purchases
  • To perform paperwork for budget, allowance and payments.
  • To ensure that assigned duties are performed in time pursuant to related legislation.
  • To perform duties assigned by the administration
  • To open tenders for purchase of required sevrices and goods, leasing, electric, oil and heating oil purchase activities.
  • Direct supply of goods and services reported on forms upon approval of administration
  • Procurements in nature of inventory stock
  • Purchase of apparel for security staff, guards and workers pursuant to article on “Regulation of Apparel Aid for the Public Servants” and article 221 of Public Servants Law with number 657
  • To perform maintenance, control and traffic insurance procurement activities for motor vehicles belonging to the university
  • To purchase consumables (for cleaning, stationery and laboratory etc), to prepare related documents upon request by other units. 
  • To prepare payment documents for repair and maintenance material and service fees of inventory stock items.
  • To purchase fire extinguisher for Rectorate and other units and prepare related documents.
  • To perform payments for goods and material,  inventory stock items and services,
  • To perform payments for maintenance and repair costs of items and buildings.
  • To prepare documents for accruals for travel allocations ( within Turkey, abroad and retirement compensation)
  • Council of H,igher Education Grants  (Undegraduate and Graduate)
  • Payments for notices in published by the press
  • Accrual activities for natural gas, water, telephone, oil, heating oil, electric and postal services expenses
  • Payments to Enforcement Courts
  • Payments for Retirement and Cease of Employment for security, cleaning and technical staff recruited pursuant to Law with number 4734
  • Leasing activities pursuant to Law with number 4735
  • Payments to  Academic Staff assigned to nearby educational units pursuant to 13/b
  • To perform payment and paperwork activities for vehicles belonging to our university
  • Advance payments to staff in case of an emergency
  • To perform accrual and advance payment transactions for procurements.