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Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Investment Expenditures Branch Directorate


Brach Office of Tender and Procurement

Descriptions of Duties Assigned

  • To ensure payment of  allowances assigned pursuant to Law with number 4734 and 4735 within scope of Law with number 5018 and investment allowances assigned to individual projects (Information Technologies), collective investment projects; to perform procurement activities for faculties, vocational schools, graduate schools, research centers and units of rectorate,
  • To perform and monitor procurement activities through State Supply Office or Public Tender Act with number 4734.  To produce and send Accrual, Payment Order and Transaction Invoice on Public Account Information System (KBS) to Directorate of Strategy and Development
  • To open and monitor credits for procurements performed through  State Supply Office
  • To assign duties of staff. To provide in-service training for the staff and regulate leave periods of the staff.
  • To perform other duties assigned
  • To give information to related authorities regarding customs clearing activities.
  • Out units actively uses EKAP (Electronic Platform for Public Procurements), KBS (Information System for Public Procurement and Accounting), HYS (Payment Management System) annd EDYS.