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Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs


Branch Office for Transportation Services


  • To assign vehicles to units of university in line with needs
  • To provide transportation serive for technical travels and field visits (factory, facility, field, institusions)
  •  (Ring) In- vampus transportation service
  • Transportation of students and staff to Bornoca Campus for sports events
  • To provide transportation for participants and staff of congress, symposium and workshop. 
  • To provide transportation services for visitors.
  • To provide transportation services for official duties of our staff.
  • To provide transportation for purchase and moving of material.
  • To provide assist on legislation for services provided by other units.


  • Vehicle Law with number 237
  • Highway Traffic Law with number 2918
  • Road Transport Code with number 4925
  • Highway Traffic Regulation
  • Highway Transportation Regulation
  • B.K.K. with number  2006/10193
  • B.K.K. with number  2006/10194
  • B.K.K with number 2014/6425
  • Regulation Regarding Worn-Out Vehicles