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Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Civil Defense Expert Unit Task Definition


Branch Office for Civil Defense

Duties Assigned


  • To prepare plan and other paperwork regarding duties and liabilities in case of full defense, national mobilization pursuant to Directives on Planning and Preparation in  State of Emergency  and War, and to coordinate and apply the abovementioned.
  • To do planning and application work of National Military Exercises and NATO exercises within scope of university
  • To prepare alarm directive pursuant to  National Alarm System directives and take necessary measures required by directives.
  • To collect information regarding functional duties of university and potential of Turkish Armed Forces.
  • To detect human resource required in state of emergency
  • To ensure human resource in case of war. To prepare supply plans for human resource.
  • To plan, apply, monitor and control any services (news, training, staff, logistics) for staff assigned for state of war.
  • To apply other articles on staff mobilization pursuant to legislation on mobilization, to provide services defined hereby.
  • To plan and apply national mobilization service and activities assigned to university pursuant to Planning Directive Regarding Civil State of Emergency and War Preparations and related legislation.
  • To perform logistics mobilization duties assigned to university pursuant to any legislation on logistics mobilization, Turkish Armed Forces regulations on logistics mobilization
  • To prepare civil defense plans
  • To prepare civil defense plans for the units of university.
  • To control supply, repair, maintenance process of facilities, material and equipment
  • To form and train civil defense units
  • To ensure civil defense allowance is allocated in the budget.
  • To prepare reports
  • To monitor civil defense legislation, directives and commands continuously and advise university administration regardingly.

Branch Office for Civil Defense