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Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs


Our department is authorized to purchase by Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs. Duties assigned cover:

1)  To use available resources such as human and material in a proper and effective way for service purposes.

2)  To monitor subunits and report to the administration.

3) To prepare annual work plan, to collaborate with related departments and make related suggestions.

4) To make subordinated departments understand  the predefined policies and to ensure execution of defined activities.

5) To assign subordinated departments with duties and authority  for proper operation, reserving right to monitor results. 

6) To detect issues regarding duties, authority and liabilities of the staff, to decide necessary changes in qualifications required for the positions,  to contact with administration regarding abovementioned.

7) To advise administration regarding selection, deposition, promotion and recruitment of the staff for proper functioning of the department.

8) To investigate and evaluate  staff movements assigned.

9)  To monitor training requirements of the staff in order to equip them with necessary qualification. To investigate in-service training activities proposed by the administration, to prepare training plans and advises the administration regarding the abovementioned.  

10) To monitor montly budget and expenses, current financial situation and inform related authorities if necessary. 

11) To ensure proper operation of accrual pursuant to related legislation

12) To ensure assignment of related work and documents to subordinate departments.

13) To perform duties assigned by the administration

14) To provide transportation services for students and staff.

15) To provide security services pursuant to Law with number 5188 and related regulations